Reflections on Age Friendly Initiatives and Future Directions

The Burlington Age-Friendly Council  held an event  with the focus on “Reflections on Age-Friendly Initiatives and Future Directions.” This event was co-sponsored by the Burlington Public Library and over ninety participants attended.

The morning session included a presentation from the keynote speaker, Dr. Margaret Denton, Past President of the Hamilton Council on Aging and a Professor with the Department of Health, Aging & Society at McMaster University. The topic of her presentation was “Age-Friendly Cities and Communities – How Do We Get There?” The overview included some background information on age-friendly communities in Canada, what is the Ontario Government doing to promote age-friendly communities and an introduction to Finding the Right Fit; Age-Friendly Community Planning.

Later in the morning, a panel discussion was held with the following panelists:

All the speakers talked about their own journeys with age-friendly work in their communities, their challenges, successes and lessons learned. What a wealth of knowledge!

In the afternoon, a launch of the new Burlington Age-Friendly website was featured and an update of the Burlington Age-Friendly Seniors Council’s Housing committee’s ongoing work plan.

Cheryl Snider, a guest speaker from Calgary Seniors Resource Society, presented on the topic of HomeShare (Presentation – PDF). HomeShare is a living arrangement between two unrelated people who agree to share a home, and each person has his or her living space, while they share common areas such as the kitchen and living room.

The event was very informative and brought awareness and a better understanding to the concept of “Age-Friendly.”

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