Welcome to Burlington Age Friendly

Who we are:

The vision statement of the Burlington Age-Friendly Council is:

Burlington will be the best place to live, work and play for all ages.

Our purpose and commitment is an age-friendly Burlington that:

  • Promotes the sharing of resources, talents and gifts of all citizens
  • Promotes physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being of all citizens
  • Ensures older adults are able to thrive throughout their life course
  • Ensures that older adults continue to be contributing members of the community.
  • Works collaboratively to take action to enhance the well-being and participation of seniors and their families in Burlington.

Our Journey:

The Burlington Age-Friendly Council’s journey began in 2008 with the United Way of Burlington & Greater Hamilton’s (UWB&GH) concern about the quality of life of seniors living in Burlington. UWB&GH asked Community Development Halton (CDH) to assess those issues and challenges that influence the basic needs of seniors and their social and civic engagement throughout the City of Burlington. The CDH 2008 report, Aging Actively in Burlington, provided a picture of life for older adults. Building on the actions recommended in the Aging Actively in Burlington report, on the World Health Organization’s framework, Age-Friendly Cities, and the 2009 resolution of Burlington City Council “to identify Burlington as an age-friendly city,” a series of roundtables were created to generate energy and ideas for local initiatives to support seniors’ well-being. This work was supported through a partnership between the UWB&GH and the Mayor’s Seniors Advisory Committee. Community Development Halton documented the process in the report: Seniors Roundtable Discussions: A Community’s Path to an Age-Friendly City.

Flowing from this work, an Age-Friendly Task Force was formed, considered as a subcommittee of the Mayor’s Seniors Advisory Committee. The Task Force contributed to Burlington’s Strategic Plan, Future Focus 2011 and formed three subcommittees or working groups to address  the previously identified priority areas: i) Communication/Education, ii) Housing, and iii) Transportation. These subcommittees have charted out projects that will lead to the ideal age-friendly city for seniors through strategic activities with a big impact and through smaller projects that would be easier to implement.

Evolving from this important work, many members of the task force gave birth to the newly formed Burlington Age-Friendly Seniors Council, an independent body of citizen volunteers. Under the auspices of this new Council and its work in collaboration with other organizations, the vision of an age-friendly Burlington will grow and prosper.

How we work:

The Burlington Age-Friendly Council collaborates and partners with groups and individuals working to create an age-friendly city. Our core values include:

  • Adaptability/resilience/perseverance/flexibility
  • Leadership/teamwork/cooperation/resourcefulness
  • Purposefulness/success/achievements/accountability/measurable

The glue that holds all of that together is:

  • Learning-knowledge, education-innovation

What we do:

The Burlington Age-Friendly Council focuses on the six priorities of the Seniors Roundtable Discussions documented in the report: A Community’s Path to an Age-Friendly City. The priority areas identified were:

  • Communication
  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Education
  • Holistic Health-mind, body and spirit
  • Income

The Burlington Age-Friendly Council continues to educate and advocate for the policies, services, settings and structures that support and enable people to age gracefully, actively, and with dignity.

The Burlington Age-Friendly Council gives voice to issues of importance to older adults and participates actively to make Burlington an age-friendly city.

See http://www.cdhalton.ca/publications/reports-list  for the two reports:

  • Seniors Roundtable Discussions: A Community’s Path to an Age-Friendly City, April 2010
  • Aging Actively in Burlington, November 2008

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