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Communications and Information

The Burlington Age-Friendly Communications and Information Committee assists with the development and delivery of all communication regarding the BAFSC. This includes; development and marketing of brochures, banners, overall look of the website and its contents, and media releases.


The Age-Friendly Housing Committee is made up of residents who are concerned and engaged in exploring and finding solutions with regards to accessible and affordable housing in Burlington. In 2011, in partnership with community members, a big, easy housing chart was developed, with implementation goals that range from easy to difficult. The work of the …


The Burlington Age-Friendly Transportation and Mobility Committee  works collaboratively with community partners to advocate for and  improve mobility for all Burlington residents. Mobility includes transportation issues such as Burlington Transit and specialized Transit. The BAFC recognizes the importance of the valuable work that Burlington For Accessible and Sustainable Transit ( BFAST ) is undertaking and we strive to work together to …